Shemar Moore Talks About His Daughter Frankie (Exclusive).

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Shemar MooreIs embracing His role as a parent… and celebrating her memory with their little girl, he continues the legacy of his mother.

Moore spoke with Cassie DiLaura, ET’s Cassie DiLaura, on Wednesday — while promoting The seventh and last season of his cop series S.W.A.T.The 53-year-old actress opened up about His 1-year old daughter, Frankie.

The proud papa was smiling as he reflected back on his new role as a father and watched his little girl grow, explaining that “she’s the last piece of my jigsaw.”

Moore and girlfriend Jesiree Diaz welcomed their baby girl in January of 2023. Just celebrated her 1st birthdayA slew adorable pictures.

Moore shared that the birth of his child has changed his priorities and his perspective. “I have the chance to be a dad.” It’s no longer about me. Everything I do now is for her… She is the most beautiful and amazing little girl… [and]She’s one happy lady.”

Moore says Frankie is only one and already “loves mirrors.” 

Moore joked, “You can’t belong to this family unless your vain.” “She talks to her reflection like it’s another person,” Moore joked. It’s so much fun to watch her grow.”

Frankie’s first birthday came just a few weeks ahead of the fourth anniversary of the death of Moore’s mother, Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore, Who died on February 8, 2020, aged 76?. According to the actress, he sees many similarities between his late mother and his daughter – especially “in her character.”

Moore said that becoming a dad was his mother’s dream. “She was proud to see my success and all that I have done, but always told me, “The best in you will show when you have children.” Now, I have that chance.”

Moore added, “I am sorry that they can’t coexist, but she is up there, very proud.”

The father, who is adamant about his love for Frankie, said that he will also make sure that she knows as much as possible about her grandmother. He said that he would “show her cards or things that my mother wrote to her.” [sent]” And tell her stories about your mom.

One of the tributes to his mother is literally set in stones and can be found in his yard.

“I have a stone in my backyard… January 26, 2020, was the day that I signed my offer for my home, and it was the one and only time that my mother came to the house,” he shared. “And she came because I wanted her to celebrate signing the contract.”

Moore claims that his mother called Moore into the backyard to have a private discussion while guests were celebrating this occasion and touring the home.

“I said, ‘What’s up?’ She said, “You made your own?” [last]Moore recalled. “She says, ‘But Shemar. This is my son’s house.’ “And then 13 days after that, she died.”

“I have a little rock in the backyard that says ‘This is my Son’s Home, Mom’. He explained that the stone had butterflies engraved. “So as far as keeping her energy alive, her spirit alive, those are the things that Frankie will come to know…. stories from me, stories from other people who knew and loved my mother. She’ll get her essence.”

Fans can also check out the The final season of Moore’s police drama. S.W.A.T.CBS will debut the film on February 16th.


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