Cher’s daughter-in-law gets candid about their naughty relationship

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Marieangela KingThe details of her frosty relation with her mother in law are revealed. Cher.

Recently, the two were involved in a court battle over placing conservatorship on Elijah Blue Allman – Cher’s son and King’s husband. The conservatorship wasn’t granted, and King expressed her disappointment. “happy” about.

King accused the singer previously of hiring four men in order to kidnap their own son, and of preventing her from accessing her assets.

How The COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Marieangela King And Cher’s Relationship


Marieangela King’s issues with music icon Cher have been making headlines. The duo was involved in a legal battle, which centered around the placement of a conservatorship for Elijah, 47.

While they may not be as close as they once were, there was a period when their mutual admiration was strong. In an interview with TheDaily Mail King recalled a similar moment, namely the first time that they crossed paths.

“She was beautiful; she was wearing all black, and her top had rhinestones on it. I remember thinking how little she was, she was at least a head shorter than me. And despite being one of the most famous women in the world, she was actually quite shy.”King told you to Publication.

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King claimed that Cher seemed delighted with her at their first meeting, and gifted her a handmade, grey light scarf. King claimed that Cher also seemed to have foreseen the day she would become her daughter-in law. “obvious”She and Elijah fell deeply in love.

However, the relationship between the couple and Cher changed during the COVID-19 pandemicWhen they decided that they would stay at her mansion. According to King, the singer took the safety precautions at the time to the next level, which caused tension in the household as it wasn’t her “cup of tea.”

After the COVID restriction was lifted, the Queen said she visited her family overseas and that her husband relapsed during that time. “using”Drugs again

Marieangela King was allegedly prevented from seeing her husband

Chilling Details Of Cher's Alleged Involvement In Kidnapping Of Her 47-Year-Old Son Elijah Revealed

Cher, who was then a married woman, refused to allow King to see her husband when she returned after her trip. “hostile.”She was told that she had been unable to locate her husband for some time and was then threatened with security.

Speaking on her mother-in-law’s behavior, King said, “I was made to feel that this was all my fault. I felt that Cher was saying, ‘Why couldn’t you whip my son into shape?’”

After moving out of Cher’s property, King was sent divorce papers, which she said shocked her, as she never believed they were directly from her husband, Elijah.

“From the very beginning, I know they [the divorce papers] weren’t from him,”King stated. “Normally, there is acrimony when people get divorced, and there wasn’t any between us.”

Despite the divorce documents, the couple reunited to celebrate their anniversary at a New York hotel. Cher allegedly hired 4 men during this time to help her with her business. “kidnap”Take her son to a rehabilitation center.

Cher has denied all of these claims, claiming that they are untrue. “untrue.”

Cher Accused Marienagela King Of Not Acting In Her Son’s Best Interest

Cher & Gregg Allman’s Son Elijah Blue Files For Divorce From His Wife

Now, Elijah, initially the reason for King and Cher’s first meeting, became the source of apparent tension between the two women. His struggles with substance addiction took a toll in his relationship and led to a near-divorce.

However, when Cher expressed her intention to obtain a conservatorship order to assume control of her 47-year-old son’s finances, King and Elijah took action to dismiss their divorce filing in an effort to prevent this intervention.

In court, Cher had claimed that her daughter-in-law wasn’t acting in her son’s best interest, saying she refused to get him the help he needed. Cher went so far as to express concern that Elijah would not survive a year without the court giving her conservatorship.

As a response, King said that she had always “wanted the best for Elijah,” contrary to Cher’s claim. Additionally, she questioned Cher’s suitability for managing Elijah’s affairs, remarking pointedly, “She doesn’t drive, doesn’t make her own food, or dress herself.”

Elijah Blue Allman did not want the Conservatorship

Cher & Gregg Allman’s Son Elijah Blue Files For Divorce From His Wife

King was not the lone person who opposed the conservatorship. Elijah voiced his opposition to the conservatorship in a legal filing.

“While I understand that my mother, the proposed conservator, believes she is looking out for my best interests, and I appreciate her love and support, I do not need her unsolicited help or support at this time,”Elijah had previously stated he’s been sober more than three month and attends Acholic Anonymous.

Ultimately, the conservatorship wasn’t granted, bringing much relief to King, who told the publication that she and Elijah had moved on from their initial troubles.

“Elijah and I are happy,”King said. “We need our space. Our situation is not uncommon, where a mother-in-law intervenes. I’m happy with the court’s decision, and now we need our freedom to have a chance to live happily.”

Marieangela King ‘Hopes To Make Peace’Cher

Chilling Details Of Cher's Alleged Involvement In Kidnapping Of Her 47-Year-Old Son Elijah Revealed

In the future, King and Elijah seem to have no intention of being separated again.

King said “Our marriage is not perfect, but we’ve lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages. I’m Catholic, and I don’t believe in divorce. I’m glad Elijah took the divorce off the table.”

She added. “There is nothing that is irreparable when you have love. Love covers a multitude of sins. If you can’t figure it out now, you will keep repeating the same mistakes with the next person. Elijah is my person.”

Regarding her relationship, King acknowledged the current state of affairs and that it is possible they will never return to their former good times. She expressed that despite the challenges she still has some affection for Cher.

“I love my mother-in-law,” King continued. “I hope we make peace in the future, but like any relationship, it has to come with healthy boundaries and not with the current given narrative.”

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